Songs for Someone You Love (Autographed CD)

Songs for Someone You Love (Autographed CD)


Songs for Someone You Love ships on or before November 9, 2018. This collector’s edition item is limited to only 50 copies world wide. Includes digital copy download from BandCamp. Also includes two bonus tracks that will never be released physically anywhere else and a Seth Malvin heart sticker. Run time: approx. 45 mins.

  1. Between You and Me

  2. Super into You

  3. Oh Claire

  4. Sophia Get Better

  5. Holly Glynn

  6. I Don’t Wanna Wait

  7. Colors

  8. East Japan

  9. Father

  10. Someone Else

  11. At the Doorway

  12. Lullaby for Annie

  13. Suicide Girl

  14. (Bonus Track)

  15. (Bonus Track)

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